Argentine: Sm, Med, Lg

(The pictures below show the actual cowhides you will be receiving. As a result, multiple hides of a particular cowhide cannot be ordered. Simply choose another one if multiple hides are wanted.)

These hides are SMALL and MEDIUM premium grade Argentine cowhides that will range from 5' x 5.5' to 5' x 6.5' in size. Even though Argentine cowhides can look the same as the more expensive, better quality Brazilian cowhides, they generally are not as thick or as supple. In addition, Argentine hides often will have more of the natural marks, scrapes, and even an occasional small hole, cut or bare spot, present in almost every single cowhide. These are not defects, but simply indications that one is dealing with natural animal products. These less expensive Argentine and Colombian hides are ideal for those who want the "look and feel" of a cowhide but just don't want to pay more for premium Brazilian cowhides.
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