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Designer Cowhide Rugs:
These are available for sale now!

All of the custom cowhide Brazilian, Colombian and Argentine rugs that are displayed in the categories below are in our warehouse and available for immediate shipping. This is in stark contrast to having to wait 8-10 weeks to have one custom made. Even though they may not be the exact size and color that you would initially want, they can be in your living room in a matter of days. In addition, we have a vast range of colors, styles and popular sizes to choose from. As a result, even though they may not be exactly what you are looking for, for those customers who just have to have something now, there is a very good chance that you will be able to find something that you will like.

Even though the quality of Brazilian, Colombian and Argentine cowhides that are used for custom cowhide rugs is basically the same, there are several noted differences between cowhide rugs from these two countries. The main differences between Brazilian, Colombian and Argentine cowhide rugs are price and type of stitching.

Concerning pricing, Argentine custom cowhide rugs will usually cost at least 30% less than Brazilian custom cowhide rugs. Concerning stitching, Argentine rugs have a standard visible angled stitch while Brazilian custom rugs are made using what is called an invisible stitching technique. The edges of adjoining squares are folded under and then somehow sewn together where the stitching is not readily visible, thus the term, invisible stitching. that that you are mostly limited to the colors and designs pictured here.

As a side note, even though we have all these rugs pictured here in our warehouse now, we can actually make most anyone of them in any size that you may want. Normal production time would be our standard 8-10 weeks.

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