Goat Skin Information

Natural Shaped Goatskin And Calfskin Rugs

Plain, natural shaped calfskin and goatskin hides are becoming more and more popular for accent pieces. In addition, many people buy calfskins to make into lampshades.

A single goat skin hide will measure approximately 2 x 3 feet in dimension, with a typical calf skin being about the same size. This is the perfect size for a small accent rug. In addition, both, goat skins and calf skins can be easily cut up to use in upholstering furniture.

Whether you are getting a calfskin or a goatskin hide, both can be nice additions for adding a Western flare.

Designer, Custom Made
Square or Rectangular Goat Skin And Calf Skin Area Rugs

We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom area rugs using square pieces of cowhides, goat skins or calf skins. We can make any size or colored rug using square pieces of calfskins and goatskins, ranging from 4 to 16 inches in dimension. These breathtaking custom made pieces will add a sense of sophistication to any setting.

Unlike our designer cowhides that are quite thick, calfskins and goat skins are thin in comparison. As a result, in addition to using these calf skin and goat skin designer pieces for accent area rugs, they are thin enough to use for decorative furniture or bed coverings.

As a matter of fact, they can look quit breathtaking!

Our Premium Grade Calfskin and Goatskin Rugs
are Custom Made In South America

For some reason, different countries will specialize in different kinds of products. All goatskins and all calfskins are not created equal. For example, each goat skin rug we manufacture comes from Peru while our calfskin rugs come from Argentina and Uruguay. Regardless of where they come from, our calf skins and goat skins are all premium quality.

How do We Price Our Designer Goat Skins and Calf Skins?

Each custom goatskin and calfskin piece we make is priced strictly according to square footage. Our basic price is $17.50 a square foot for rugs made up of smaller square pieces (5.5 inches and smaller in dimension). Rugs using square pieces of 8 inches and above can cost up to $2 more.

For example a designer 5 x 6 foot goat skin or calf skin piece using 5.5 inch pieces would cost:
5x6 ft. =30 sq. ft. x $17.50= $525.00.

On the other hand, the same custom 5 x 6 ft. piece using goatskins or calfskins cut into square pieces 8, 10 12 or 16 inches in dimension, will cost:

5x6 ft. =30 sq. ft. x $19.50= $585.00.

Caring for your Calfskins and Goatskins Rugs

Our designer rugs are very easily cared for. Mild soap and water on a sponge will take care of most any stain or spill. In addition, we recommend treating both your goat skin and your calf skin rug with a "Scotch Guard? type product to help prevent them from getting dirty.


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