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Most cowhides discounted 30% to 50% off normal retail prices.
We photograph over 90% of our cowhides, pick the one you want!

Natural Cowhides

Brazilian Premium Cowhides:<br>Common Popular Designs
Brazilian Premium Cowhides:
Common Popular Colors and Designs
Brazilian cowhides are the world's finest --
distinguished by suppleness and quality.
You choose the exact hide you want.

Cowhide Stools / Cowhide Stools
Brazilian Premium Cowhides:
Over 400 Hides Photographed!

All one-of-a-kind,
you choose the exact hide you want

Cowhide Placemats / Cowhide Placemat
Argentine & Colombian Cowhides:
Over 100 Hides Photographed
For the price conscious!
Giving the look and feel of quality
without the expense of Brazilian hides. 
You choose the exact hide you want.


Designer Cowhides

Dyed, Metallic, and 
Acid-Wash Cowhides
Special processing provides 
a variety of decorating options.



Throw Rugs / Throw Rug
Solid Off-White Cowhides

Hand picked for color and quality.
Cowhides-Animal Prints
Stenciled Cowhides

(18 different animal prints!)
Bring additional expression of nature into your decor!  Our variety offers opportunity to say what is uniquely you. 

Other Premium Quality Cowhide Products


In natural colors and animal prints. Choose from over 100 designs, in singles or matched sets. (15-inch or 20-inch sizes)


Very soft and supple. 
A striking accent for any decor! 
(Averaging 2.5-3 feet x 3-3.5 feet)

Cowhides-Laced & Stitched<br>Round & Rectangular Area Rugs
Laced & Stitched Items
We offer Western-style and Texas-star rugs. Round or rectangular.
(In several sizes

Cowhides- Accessories
Cowhide Accessories

(Placemats, table runners, and more)
Premium quality materials are used in these finely-crafted items.
Cowhide Ottomans

Timeless and practical, our ottomans specialize in one-of-a-kind, custom-made ottomans. This timeless piece will be a focal point for any room with a suitable hide of your choice from our stock, offering you a timeless, one-of-a-kind piece.
Elegant hand-tooled cowhide and leather designer bags, purses, wallets

Leather Bags & Accessories

America's premier source of fine, hand-crafted handbags and accessories.

Luxurious Rustic 
Bedding & Accessories
Timeless styling & sumptuous
fabrics can bring us comfort and luxury.


Cowhide Pillows, Table Runners and Accessories

Distinctive Accents

Exquisitely designed and hand-crafted, these
pillows, table runners, and accessories add that special touch!



Cowhide Antler Furniture

All of our East Texas, hand-made antler products begin with hand selected shed antlers (no deer are killed).

Other Animal Hides


Peruvian goatskins available 
in 4 basic color patterns


Deer and Elk Hides

Axis Deer Hides
Rare, hand picked quality!

Zebra & Buffalo Hides
Premium South African zebras 
and American Winter buffalo hides

Custom-Made Cowhide Area Rugs
(We can make one in most any size and almost any color)

Custom Made Cowhides:<br>We can make one any size!
Custom Made Cowhides
We can make one any size
and most any color!

We are the Internet's #1 producer of designer cowhide rugs. We can make one any size, any color and up to 50% less than store rugs.


 Designer Cowhide Rugs
These are available for sale now!

Even though these rugs are available NOW, we can make most of them in any size & for at least half of what most stores would charge.

Discounted Merchandise

Cowhide Closeouts
Cowhide Closeouts

Up to 50% off!
(Actual cowhides that we send)

$$  ON SALE  $$<br>More Overstocked!<br>Exotic Cowhides- $249 Up
Overstocked Items
$$ ON SALE $$

Cowhides- $199 Up
(Actual cowhides that we send)


Gift Certificates


Gift Certificates
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Cow Hides and Cowhide Products Including Cowhide Rugs and Pillows

Thank you for visiting our showroom. You will find here several quality cowhide product lines, most notably, our naturally colored cowhide rugs. Next in popularity would be our silk-screened  animal print cow hide rugs, followed then by our cowhide pillow line. Finally, we are becoming the main Internet source of custom made, designer patch work cow hide rugs.

Each custom cowhide rug that we design is made to order, using your requested colors and size requirements. We can make a cowhide patchwork rug, literally, any size and any color. The brindle colored cowhides are probably the most popular, followed then by a plain, black and white cow hide. These colors will make for a very stunning custom cow hide patchwork rug.

Unmatched Quality for that Perfect Natural Cow hide or Cowhide Rug

Rest assured that every cowhide rug and cowhide pillow we carry is of the highest quality. Nicer cow hides simply do not exist. Every cowhide rug or cowhide pillow we sell comes from either Argentina, Colombia, or Brazil, the three countries that unquestionably produce the finest quality cowhides in the world. 

The leather of each one of our cowhides is very supple and soft, unlike so many other cow hides on the market today which can actually be quite stiff. In addition, our manufacturers do not use any of the tanning solutions that can produce the unpleasant smell that many other cowhide products commonly have. Quite simply, our cowhide rugs are among the finest anywhere.

Naturally Colored Cow Hides and Silk Screened Animal Printed Cow Hides

Each solid colored cowhide is naturally colored and available in 4 sizes: medium, large, XL, and XXL. Our medium sized cowhide rugs are approximately 5 x 6 ft in dimension; our large sized cowhide rugs are approximately 6 x 7 ft. in dimension; our XL cowhide rugs are approximately 7 x 8 ft. in dimension; and finally, our XXL cowhide rugs are approximately 8 x 8 ft. in dimension.

Conversely, our animal print cowhide rugs are not naturally colored but rather are silk screened. Each one of these animal print cowhide rugs is actually stenciled onto a white or beige cow hide. These silk screened animal print cow hides are a very inexpensive alternative to a real zebra or tiger hide. In addition, a cowhide rug is much easier and much less expensive to have cleaned.

(Please note: most any cowhide rug will have areas of natural colored, yellowish shading. In addition, any one of these animal print cowhide rugs may or may not have extra white along the edges. This can be very easily trimmed if you want the zebra stripes as close to the edge as possible. However, we recommend leaving the white along the edges of any one particular cowhide rug to make the cowhide as large as possible.)

No One Has More Cowhides or Cowhide Rugs to choose from!

We have over 500 pictures of cow hides to choose from. We know of no other website that even comes close in offering you so many choices.

Caring For your Cowhide Rug Or Cowhide Pillows

Concerning product care, cowhide rugs and cowhide pillows are very easily cared for. Simple soap and water on a sponge will deal with most problems. Steam cleaning your cowhide rug, cowhide pillow and custom cow hide area rug will also work as long as you do not get water on the leather backing. 

Coming Soon: An Exclusive line of Cowhide Furniture

We will soon be carrying an exclusive line of cowhide furniture, indicative of what you would only find in your better furniture stores. We are presently negotiating with manufacturers to have our own, exclusive line of cowhide furniture. We eventually plan on having cowhide chairs, cowhide footstools, cowhide couches and cowhide tables.



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