2 Great Features of Cowhide Rugs – Hypoallergenic & Stain Resistant

Children, adults and even pets can suffer from allergies. Unlike most carpets cowhide rugs make the perfect choice for allergy sufferers as they are free of allergy-triggering fibers. Due to cowhides being made from natural animal skin, they don’t trap dust and allergens like carpet which can lead to asthmatic issues and other health problems. If you own a cat or dog, cowhide rugs are much easier to dust off for stray hair or fur.

Buying a cowhide rug will be a great investment in controlling those pesky allergies!

Cowhides have natural stain resistant qualities as they are from real animal skins. Spills on cowhide rugs, especially milk or juice are much easier to clean than conventional rugs. This makes them ideal for families with children and/or pets.  And unlike carpet, cowhide rugs are easily transportable in the rare event you need to have it professionally cleaned, saving money.

Consider investing in one of our quality cowhide rugs and see what a difference it can make over traditional carpet and large area rugs.