Common Patterns of Cowhide Ottomans

The right cowhide pattern is particularly important when choosing the right cowhide footstool. Here are three popular patterns you will find when searching for cowhide footstools:

  1. A traditional cowhide design: The most authentic pattern and is often made from leather. It’s white and brown or white and black and it looks just like something out of a cowboy movie. It’s hard to go wrong with this design. It’s a classic southwestern style piece.
  2. A soft luxurious fabric: An exceedingly popular option which you have probably seen when looking at cowhide footstools. It is usually made up of polyester, or cotton and covered with a lot of fluff or feathers for amazing comfort and feel. If you don’t want the cowhide pattern, but you still want to acknowledge the Western style of ottoman this is a great option. It’s a brilliant choice which is as comfortable as it looks. It’s a can’t miss option.
  3. A brown leather option: Like the cowhide design talked about above but without the white patches, a brown leather pattern is another great option for these cowhide footstools. Its slightly worn leather look can be made to look in great condition but old, rustic, and authentic, which could be the look your searching for.

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