How do you get pet urine out of a cowhide rug?

First the DO’s:
Option 1:
With urine or vomit spills, start with a solution of 9.5 oz water and 0.5 oz white vinegar. This will help with pH balance and odor removal.
Clean the area as best you can with a paper towel, then spray or dob the solution on with a paper towel and continue to work it until the odor is gone.

Option 2:
You can use an over the counter Pet urine removal. Just be sure and use the kind with enzymes. Spray it on or dab it with a cloth the same as above.

Option 3:
Baby Shampoo.
Another way to clean your cowhide rug is to use mild shampoo (baby shampoo is the mildest and best) and spot sponge carefully on the areas requiring cleaning- repeat and rinse out the sponge with warm water until your hide is finally clean and fresh.

Never soak or saturate the rug. Only dab it.
Cowhide rug cleaning should never involve soaking or saturating the rug with water.

Cowhide rugs are exceptionally durable and do clean well. But you need to spot clean! Do not submerge it in water as that can ruin your rug.