How durable is a cowhide rug?

Few rugs have the reputation for durability as cowhide rugs. Leather is an extremely durable material and well made Cowhide Rugs are no exception. Your Cowhide Rug is likely to last far longer than any other form of rug if it is a quality rug and cared for properly.

Many clients have told us they were wary of cowhide rugs due to them thinking they were difficult to clean. But they are more durable than most people know. Concerning product care, area rug cowhide rugs and cowhide pillows are very easily cared for. Simple soap and water on a sponge will deal with most problems. Steam cleaning your cowhide rug will also work as long as you don’t soak the leather backing. Regular cleaning and yes vacuuming will keep your rug beautiful for many years. You can also spot clean it and give it a good old fashion shake out. Yes, it can handle that kind of treatment!

Our cowhide rugs are durable enough for pets but luxurious enough for family to lay on – even your kids or grandkids! You’ll be impressed with its durability and ease of cleaning. And one final note; cowhide rugs durable are always in fashion so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come!

Check out our big selection of cowhide rugs today! You’ll be glad you did!