Please Note: All sales involving orders leaving the Continental United States will be “final”. No refunds will be given.

Different Shipping Rates Apply for International Orders

(We consider anything outside the 48 Continental United States as “International”. This includes Canada and all United States territories, states, and possessions, such as Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. In addition, even though APO and FPO shipments are first sent to a U.S. address, they are still considered as “international orders” as explained below.)

Normally, with local orders inside the United States, UPS comes by our office every day to pick up our orders. The whole process of “packing and sending” takes less than 5 minutes.

On the other hand, many international, APO and FPO orders are shipped using the United States Post Office and are priced according to the weight and destination of the package.

Because of the additional handling on international orders a special handling charge of $5 may be added to the actual postage for all international orders.

Please note: The shipping or postage charges that you will be paying is the actual amount the post office will charge us, plus the $5 extra handling fee if it applies to your order. If you have ordered things from the United States before and if you know the weight of your package, you will probably have some idea of what the postage will be. If you want the weight of your package, please contact us here.

The shipping charges that we charge will not cover any duties or other charges that Customs or other agencies may charge.

As a reference for those shipping to APO and FPO addresses, a ten pound box will cost $30-$35; Canada will be $40-$50; and most other international countries will be $90-$100.

International Refund Policy

We are sorry to say that our normal refund policy does not apply with international orders, APO or AFO orders, or any other order sent outside the continental United States. As a result, all sales involving items shipped outside the 48 continental United States are final; no refunds will be given on any such order.