The cowhides shown in this section are the ACTUAL ONES SENT. Because of this, there is only one of each cowhide. You will not be able to purchase multiple quantities of these products. Normal price on these hides can range from $169-$579. The cowhides are in this closeout category for any one of several reasons. In some cases, we may simply have too many of them, in which case you get a fantastic bargain. In other cases, hides might have more than the usual amount of marks, brands, patching or sewing. Still others may not be as thick or may have an unusual shape to them. In all cases, we try to be very descriptive explaining why each hide is listed here. These hides are perfect for the person who wants the “look” of a cowhide but just doesn’t want to spend the extra money that they would normally cost. Please keep in mind that 98% 0f all cowhides in the world will have patching and sewing. In other words, patching and sewing ARE THE NORM rather the exception. Even those hides in exclusive stores costing $400-$800 will most likely have patching and sewing. Most of this is done in processing where the hides are cut with knives or scraped thin, leaving slits and holes. These areas are then either patched or stitched. As a result, patching and sewing are just part of “being a cow”.