TWCL131 – Creamy White Cowhide Rug

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This XL size, creamy white cowhide is from Brazil and measures approximately 7 x 7.5 feet. Brazilian cowhide rugs are the world’s finest, distinguished by suppleness and quality.

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It is universally known that the World’s finest quality, “hair-on”, chromium tanned cow hides come from Brazil. Our one-of-a-kind, premium Brazilian cowhides are all photographed individually so you can choose the one that will fit perfectly and be unique to your home. White cows in nature are actually “off white” and not pure white. In addition, they almost always have areas of shading along the spine and sides. This adds a unique, more authentic, beauty to a white cowhide. Please keep in mind that 98% of all cowhides have patching and sewing in them. These markings are just part of “being a cow”. Hides selling for $800-$900 in stores will have these markings. A lot happens during processing, some are just from cows running into trees or barbwire, or simply getting horned by other cows. We take the time to explain this here since customers are not looking at them in stores laying in front of an expensive living room suite where they would intuitively know that these markings are simply part of being a cow.