Cowhide Rug Care – How to care for Cowhide Products

Cowhides are very easily cared for. Other than periodic light vacuuming, simple soap and water on a sponge is generally all that any of our cowhide rugs or other cowhide products will ever need. Steam cleaning your cowhide rug will also work if one makes certain not to soak the cowhide or get water on the back of the cowhide rug.

Hanging Instructions For Our Cowhide Rugs

Many people use our cowhide rugs for wall hangings or even on the ceiling! Although one could make a mounting bracket that the cowhide rug would attach to, it is much easier simply to nail or staple your cowhide rug to the wall using small nails or large staples. Mounting cowhides to a brick or concrete wall is a bit more difficult. We recommend asking someone at Home Depot or any other hardware store for suggestions.

As a side note, please do not be concerned with damaging your cowhide rug. Properly tanned cowhides are practically indestructible.

For further assistance with your cowhide rug or other items, please feel free to call us at our toll free number 1-800-591-4235