Design Ideas to Change the Way You Think About Cowhide Decor

cowhide decor

Adding rustic and natural elements to a home can provide a cozy, warm, and laid-back feel. Just think about it–when you see a magazine featuring a holiday home photo it’s typically full of rustic character. While the holidays and coziness go hand-in-hand, cowhide is trending for many reasons, not just because it’s the holidays. You […]

How to Incorporate a Cow Hide Rug to Your Home Decor

cow hide rug

Surveys have found that only 17% of homeowners hire interior designers to help decorate their homes and achieve the style they’re looking for. That means, more likely than not, you’re probably going about designing your interior all by yourself. Kudos! Now, you’ve picked out the paint, installed the new floor, and ordered the furniture. You […]