Brazil, Colombia, & Argentina Produce the World’s Finest Cowhides

It is universally known that the World’s finest quality “hair-on” cow hides come from Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. However, when comparing the three, Brazil’s tanning process actually produces a softer cowhide rug than those cow hides coming from Colombia or Argentina. As a result, when buying a full “hair on”  cowhide rug, a cow hide from Brazil is your best choice.

Our Cowhide Rugs are Very Supple

The leather of each cowhide rug we sell is very supple, unlike cowhides from most other countries that can actually be quite stiff in comparison. Every country manufactures cowhide rugs. However most of these pale in quality, both in longevity and suppleness, as compared to those from Brazil, Colombian, and Argentina.

The Best Quality Cowhides are Chromium Tanned

Chromium tanning has long been known to produce the best tanned cowhide rug. A properly chromium tanned cow hide will last much longer than a cowhide rug tanned with a different process. Chromium tanning is extremely high tech and expensive. As a result, most countries do not tan their cow hides this way. Even when a chromium tanning process is used on a cowhide rug, often times the results are unsatisfactory since it is such a difficult process as compared to more conventional forms of tanning.

No Unpleasant Tanning Odors So Common In Other Cowhide Rugs

None of our cowhide rugs have that unpleasant smell from tanning solutions that is so often present in other cowhides. Some manufacturers can make a good quality cowhide rug but the smell of the cowhide rug can be quite offensive. Rest assured that none of our cowhide rugs will have that unpleasant smell from tanning solutions. Instead, each one will have a very pleasant leather scent.

How To Care For Your Cowhide Rug

Placing your cowhide in a low-traffic area and giving it proper care is the best way to keep your cowhide rug looking nice for years to come.

Every cowhide rug we sell and most of our other cowhide products are very easily cared for.

For regular cleaning, vacuuming (suction only) is quite safe and actually suggested since periodically removing dirt will keep dirt particles from acting like a grinding stone when constantly being walked on.  You can also take your cowhide rug outside and give it a few good shakes every now and then.  When dealing with most common spills, soap and water on a sponge can be all that is needed. See Cowhide Rug Product Care