Who says great style has to cost a fortune?
Get a beautiful cowhide rug for an amazingly low discounted price!

The Less Expensive Cowhides in these categories are the actual hides you will be receiving. Because of this, multiple hides cannot be ordered. If more than one hide is wanted, please find another hide on our website.

These are Brazilian, Argentine and Colombian cowhides that will range from 4′ x 5′ to 8′ x 8′ in size. There are usually 75 or more different cowhides pictured here, divided into four categories. Even though these cowhides can look the same as the more expensive, better quality cowhides, they generally are not as thick or as supple. In addition, these hides often will have more of the natural marks and scrapes present in all cowhides. They are ideal for those who want the “look and feel” of a cowhide but just don’t want to pay more for a premium cowhide.