(These rugs are available in three different circular sizes, 38″, 60″, 76″, and several different rectangular sizes. All of our Stitched Cowhide Area Rugs or “laced” cowhides come from Brazil and Colombia, the countries that unquestionably produces some of the finest quality cowhides in the world. Each one of these beautiful rugs is hand made by some of South America’s finest leather craftsmen, artistically “lacing” together small pieces of cowhide. Being extremely durable, they make for ideal accent floor rugs or wall hangings. When one considers that the area of the 60″-95″ sizes equal the area of whole cowhides and that someone has to then hand make them, it’s easy to understand why these could cost twice as much in stores.The leather is very supple and soft, unlike so many other cowhides on the market today that can actually be quite stiff. In addition, our manufacturers do not use any of the tanning solutions that can produce the unpleasant smell that many other cowhide products commonly have.

Concerning the color…the pics are only for guides. We have different pics to show different Stitched Cowhide Area Rugs combinations, ie, dark center, light border and so on. Since each rug is hand made, no two rugs will, or can possibly, look the same. As a result, there must be a large degree of flexibility in ordering off a picture. What we can do is give you a light rug if you order a light rug, a light border rather than a dark one, and so on. We match your choice as closely as possible with the rugs we have in stock.