Why You Can Have Confidence in our Company

Superior Service & Quality

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Why should you buy from us?

How can you as a new customer have confidence in dealing with our company when purchasing a cowhide rug, cowhide or accessory?

These are questions that we have attempted to answer here. Forgive us for being so wordy. However, we feel that if you have clicked on this link in the first place, you may be a bit leery in dealing with a “strange” company for the first time.

Hopefully, after reading this, we will have given you the confidence to purchase a high quality cowhide rug, cowhide, or accessory from us. In addition, if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free in either calling us, toll free, or emailing us.

Both, our toll free number and “contact us” link are located at the top right of each page.

Who in the World is “CowhidesInternaitonal.com”?

Let’s face it. Ordering from an unfamiliar website can be scary.

Questions like:
Who are these guys?
How can I trust them?
What if I don’t like my product?
Will I ever see my merchandise?
What do they do with my personal information?
Is it going to be a hassle returning things if I don’t like it?

We could add about 10 more pertinent questions but I think it is clear that ordering from a strange company for the first time can make us a bit “anxious”, to say the least.  Please click our customer reviews to see what our customers have to say about us.  Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.

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Everybody Makes Mistakes

Even the best companies make mistakes. However, it’s not the mistakes that concern people. It’s how companies handle the mistakes!

Unfortunately, many companies today think that simply apologizing will fix a mistake.

Personally, if there were a choice between “someone apologizing for a mistake” and “having that mistake corrected to one’s satisfaction”, we believe that most people would prefer to have the “mistake” corrected.

We feel very strongly about this concept. We make every effort to not only take responsibility for our mistakes, but to also correct them to “the satisfaction of our customer”!

How Do We Handle Mistakes?

As hard as we try, we still are occasionally making mistakes. However, when we find out, we try to fix the mistake immediately. Not only that, but if it is a glaring mistake, we really try to go the extra mile.  This, along with a belief in treating people like we would like to be treated, has helped build a very loyal customer base.

The bottom line is, we try extremely hard to give all of our customers great customer service!

A Company’s Customers Provide the Clue

However, words are cheap. Unlike Ebay, which provides a system of rating sellers based on their actions and not on what they say, there isn’t a system that can rate an Internet business’s service and product line.

How can you, a prospective new customer have confidence in a company or an individual who just might be saying what any customer would like to hear? Very simple! Find out what that company’s customers think!

The only assurance that a new customer can have concerning the integrity of a company and the quality of its products is to know what it’s customers have to say and think. This is the reason why we have provided over 50 actual testimonials from satisfied customers…all very pleased with our service and the quality of our cowhides when purchasing a cowhide rug, accessory, or cowhide.

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