5 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room With Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are perfect for western-inspired living rooms. Here are 5 creative ways to incorporate them into your western living room decor.

For a refined design touch with a spark of personality, nothing beats cowhide rugs.

Available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns, these floor coverings serve as the perfect accent to almost any living room decor.

Not only are they velvety soft, they’re practical. They blend in seamlessly as a neutral or stand out as a bold feature within a minimalist palette.

Today, we’re discussing five creative ways that cowhide rugs can be used to bring the perfect touch of elegance to your upscale living room.

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1. Add a Dramatic Touch to a Light Interior

One increasingly popular design trend is the look of a whitewashed interior. Put simply, this aesthetic leans toward bare, white walls with light and neutral touches throughout.

The aim of this style is often to create an airy home that feels lightweight and simple. From all-white farmhouse kitchens to brick mantels in the living room painted white, the look is timeless and here to stay.

If your living room leans toward this design, with pale-toned (white or neutral) walls and complementary decor, cowhide rugs are the perfect way to inject a little bit of color. They’re also an easy way to add a little pizazz to a space that could otherwise feel slightly sparse.

For this application, try a rug that’s more boldly patterned with deep, rich tones to really change the pace.

2. Enhance Other Patterns in the Room

Think cowhide rugs and an intricate wallpaper design would be too much pattern in one room? Think again!

Rather, in this case, the rug actually works as a neutral. It balances the busyness and allows the eye to rest as it travels around the space.

Begin by examining the patterns that are currently in your living room, noting any major color schemes you see. Then, look for a rug that picks up on some of these tones and anchors the overall look.

Though any kind of cowhide would work, a more monochromatic one in shades of white or gray would look especially chic in a living room that already features several bold patterns. This way, your rug won’t compete with your existing decor, but will still shine brightly in its own right.

In a nutshell, as you start on your journey to find your next cowhide rugs, don’t toss your geometric throw pillows or start peeling your wallpaper just yet. In fact, design experts agree that wallpaper’s here to stay, so investing in a piece that will pair perfectly with it just makes sense!

3. Bring Out the Tone of Your Hardwood Floors

As more homeowners opt to install hardwoods throughout their house, cowhide rugs make excellent additions to these sleek, modern spaces.

One reason this pairing works so well? In addition to being practical, hardwood flooring also acts as a backdrop to your living room, allowing the other decor elements — such as your rug — to shine more brightly.

While black and white cowhides might be some of the most common, they’re far from the only option. In fact, when working with hardwood floors, a brown and white piece would look especially stylish.

In this scenario, the tones of the rug work to pick up and accentuate the various flooring shades of pine, red oak, cherry, maple, and more. So go as big or as small as you need to appropriately fill your space, and let your imagination roam.

4. Add a Cozy Touch to Your Carpet

Though hardwood flooring continues to be a hot trend, many homeowners are still seeing the value that carpet provides. Not only is this type of flooring warm, it also absorbs sound, retains air for energy savings, and softens falls. For these reasons, it’s still a top choice when it comes to flooring options.

When layered over carpet, cowhide rugs make a stunning statement in your living room. One reason these two decor elements fit so well with each other? They’re both soft to the touch, making your space extra luxurious, especially for the lucky ones who get to rest their feet on them!

They’re also similar textures, and when you add a cowhide rug on top of carpet, you’ll extend the level of softness provided by the latter.

When choosing a rug to lay on top of your carpet, look for one in a similar tone family that will integrate seamlessly with your existing color scheme. Then, sit back and relax, enveloped in a double dose of comfort.

Thinking of eventually swapping your carpet for a different type of floor covering, such as hardwood or vinyl flooring? If so, try to visualize how the space will look sans carpet, and pick a rug that will look equally good there.

5. Accentuate Your Fireplace with Ease

In many living rooms, the fireplace is the focal point of the space — and for good reason.

We huddle around this space to stay warm, our mantels are adorned with the items and photos we hold dear, and we may even have our televisions mounted nearby.

As such, the fireplace holds tons of potential when it comes to setting the look and feel of your living area.

One way to maximize this area’s appeal? It’s simple — add a cozy rug in front of it that encourages lounging, socializing, and relaxing. As the space in front of the fireplace can be heavily traveled, a rug in this location also helps save your flooring over time.

Cowhide rugs are an ideal solution for this space. At once western, modern, and classic, they add a perfect touch of charm to your family’s favorite spot.

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