Why Animal Hide Rugs and Decor Are a Must Have in 2017

animal hide rugs

Ready to get in touch with your wild side this decorating season?

You may be moving to a new home and are thinking about bringing in some new decor. Or, you may be simply wanting to jazz up your current living space.

No matter the case, you should definitely think animal.

Some people are hesitant about putting animal hide rugs and decor in their home. However, there are many reasons why you should bring these into your home this year.

Check out why you should go animal this season, and then question your decision to purchase that stunning animal hide rug no more!

1. You Don’t Need Much to Change an Entire Room Around

Working patterns or other themes into a room can be difficult. It’s hard to assess how much of a pattern you should use to make things look right, or what colors to pair together.

When it comes to bringing cowhide rugs or decor into your home, you don’t need much to really make a statement.

A rug in itself can tie an entire room together, no matter its color scheme. Even a simple animal hide pillow can transform a basic leather couch.

The best part about this? You’ll likely save money by only having to invest in a few select pieces to really showcase your style.

2. Experience Ultimate Comfort

Love the idea of feeling cozy when you’re snuggling by the fire or curling up with a book?

Animal hide rugs and throws can be luxuriously soft and comfortable. You’ll never want to part with that fur throw once you cuddle underneath it.

With animal hide, you can bring beauty to any room as well as comfort.

3. Jazz Up an Existing Decorating Theme

You don’t have to replace your current decor entirely with animal hide.

The great thing about animal hide rugs and decor is that you can slip in select pieces into an existing theme and get away with it.

In fact, you’ll do more than just that–you’ll spice up current wall colors, trim, curtains, and furniture by bringing in a zebra print, cow hide pattern, or leather pillow.

Animal hide is an excellent solution if you’re looking for a way to take your current decor to the next level.

4. Keep Up with Current Trends

While home decor trends seem to be consistently changing, one thing has stayed the same in the last year: animal patterns are still at the top of the list.

There are many reasons why this is still the case. Animal hide is timeless and classic, and can add immediate elegance to a room. It can look both luxurious and casual, depending upon the pieces and the arrangement.

If you’re wanting to stay trendy this seasons, invest in some animal hide rugs.

5. Express Your Personality

Decor in the home provides a great opportunity for you to introduce your own style and personality into every room.

Animal hide is incredibly versatile. You can choose from so many types of hide, colors, and designs.

This versatility enables you to truly express your own personality when you use animal hide rugs or decor in your home. A zebra pattern can make a room look edgy or luxurious, while a cowhide piece can introduce a nostalgic or familiar feeling into a room.

Whatever your personality, you’ll likely find an animal hide piece to express it.

6. Invest in Something That Will Last

Tired of throwing out furniture you bought just a few years ago?

Animal hide pieces are the real deal. When you invest in anything authentic, you can expect it to last a really long time.

Animal hide rugs, for example, will last you a lifetime, especially if you care for them correctly. The same goes for animal hide furniture, and most any other decor.

When shopping for your animal hide decor, make sure you are certain about the source of these products as well as their quality.

Speak with a support team to ensure that you are purchasing the highest quality product and are clear on the terms for care.

7. You Can Still be Glamorous

Animal decor is not just for ranch homes or hunting lodges. This is a huge misconception.

Experience our high-end accessory and accents collection to see that animal hide decor can be added to any home.

You can find luxury in a fur throw or a Tibetan lamb pillow, or flaunt a genuine animal hide purse or satchel in public. Glamour is not far when you choose animal.

8. Surround Yourself with Animals You Love

Maybe your partner is an animal-lover. Or maybe you live in a city where animals are rather scarce.

No matter what the case, you can bring the Amazon into your home without even having to go there.

Incorporating animal hide decor in your home will please anyone who visits. You’ll definitely keep guests talking with that alpaca blanket or that zebra skin rug.

9. It Always Looks Good

When it comes to why animal hide decor are a must have in your home this season, this is simply the best reason.

Animal hide looks good, plain and simple.

You really can’t go wrong with it no matter where you put it, which makes it stand far above the crowd of DIY projects, home improvement products, and anything else you find online.

Bringing Animal Hide Rugs Into Your Home

When it comes to changing the game of your home decor, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.

If you’re looking for something that is durable, attractive, and authentic, animal hide rugs and decor are definitely the way to go. Choose animal hide to express your personality, invest in something that will truly last, and to jazz up any living space.

At Cow Hides International, we are the experts when it comes to animal hide decor in your home. We provide high-end accents, custom cowhide rugs and furniture, and other animal hide products.

Browse our collections today to get a sense of what you can do to transform your home decor into something every guest will admire!