How to Incorporate a Cow Hide Rug to Your Home Decor

cow hide rug

Surveys have found that only 17% of homeowners hire interior designers to help decorate their homes and achieve the style they’re looking for.

That means, more likely than not, you’re probably going about designing your interior all by yourself.


Now, you’ve picked out the paint, installed the new floor, and ordered the furniture. You rack your brain thinking, “what else can I add?” and “what have I forgotten?”

The answer? An area rug.

But not just any rug. Cowhide rugs!

Before you rule it out, read on to see how homemakers are adding these rugs to various rooms to get a modern, rustic, or sophisticated feel that fits their decor and style.

Purposes of an Area Rug

Adding an area rug to any room can change the feel completely.

Area rugs can

  • be used to make a room seem bigger (or smaller)
  • add warmth and comfort
  • reduce noise (if that’s a problem in your house)

Cowhide rugs take those layers of functionality to another level.

Whichever you choose, know that adding this piece of decor makes a difference to how guests view the atmosphere. You have the ability to make the room seem exactly as you wish.

What is Cow Hide?

Cow hide rugs are literally made from the skin of a cow. Tanners work with the hide to preserve it, keep it soft, and eliminate odors.

Cow hide is so unique because it shows the color and print from the original cow. If you choose to incorporate a natural cow hide rug in with your home decor, the chances of there being an exact duplicate out there is slim to none.

It is possible to order custom cow hide rugs that are cut/assembled in different shapes, or ones that are dyed with different patterns, but the best quality cow hides are preserved and sold in their natural colors.

The Benefits of Using a Cow Hide Rug

Whether you are looking to add some texture to a bare hardwood floor, or use the abstract shape of a cow hide rug to put over an existing area rug for added emphasis, the benefits of this high quality design option are endless.


Cow hide rugs are a great addition to rooms in your house that are high traffic areas. They are stain resistant and durable enough for pets and young children.

The best part is that the durability does not take away from the elegance and soft feel of the rug.


As mentioned earlier, cow hide rugs can be dyed to offer custom colors and patterns to match your decor.

Neutral tones can warm a room and fit perfectly with grays and browns while dark tones can define a space and add a more masculine feel (think, man cave!)


You can dress up a room with the abstract shape of a natural cow hide, or keep it clean with straight lines and patterns on a custom square or rectangle cow hide rug.


The unique short hair texture of a cow hide rug provides a comfortable feel for any living space.

It allows for the rug to have a soft, smooth, and inviting texture that can “warm up” a rustic room or “cool down” a modern room.


As in, you don’t have to put your rug on the floor.

Yes, I’m serious.

Cow hide rugs are becoming more and more popular as pieces of artwork that can be hung on walls or ceilings.

If you prefer to show off the unique shape of the cow hide, you can hang it with the proper hardware. If you prefer to show off the texture, you can frame the cow hide and hang it like a picture for viewing.

Consider Your Decor

Let’s find out if a cow hide rug is right for you and your living space. First, look around the room that you are working with.

Choose from one of the styles below and read on for ideas to incorporate cow hide.


Use a cow hide rug in your modern space as a pop of color against whites, grays, and glass decor.

Accessorize with cow hide throw pillows to give the ultimate modern feel.


When I say rustic, you think wood, stone, and leather, right? Use a deep toned cowhide over a larger area rug to give the feeling of warmth, comfort, and country living.


You may choose to soften the look of a large room with the use of a cowhide rug.

If the floors are dark and the furniture is leather, opt for a white cowhide to brighten the space and make it feel more comfortable.

Caring For Your Rug

Congratulations! It looks like you’ve considered your decor and decided on the style of your room (living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, etc.)

Cow hide rugs require some maintenance to ensure that they stay looking and smelling fresh and clean.

It’s not a “run the Dyson over it once a week” kind of clean. The work that you put into cleaning your cow hide rug regularly will pay off when it comes to the feel that your rug is giving to a certain room.

The brush attachment that you use on your vacuum makes a difference to the preservation of the rug, as well as the soap and fabric protector.

Be sure to do your research when planning to clean your rug, or seek a professionals help.

Most importantly, ENJOY your new piece of unique decor. Your cow hide rug will be sure to raise eyebrows and wow guests who come to visit.