How to Make a Designer Apartment with Cow Hide Rugs

designer apartment

Do you shy away from cow hides because you think they belong in a cabin in the woods?

Think again, cowhides are the perfect accessory for your designer apartment.

Once you learn all the different combinations and styles, you’ll be ordering your cowhide rugs.

We put together different combinations and styles of cowhide decor for you to visualize. You will learn how to add it to bold styles, mix up patterns and keep traditional styles.

Ready to read on?

Learn the Different Types of Cowhide

There’s more than one type of cowhide pattern, they go beyond the black and white cow-print. If you’re thinking about adding a cow hide to your apartment decor, then you must learn about the different materials and colors.


  • Patchwork hide
  • Natural colors
  • Faux options
  • Dyed prints


  • Traditional black and white cow-print
  • Solid colors
  • Brown and white
  • Dyed (metallics, zebra, and many colors)
  • Tri-colored
  • Speckled

What Do You Want to Accentuate?

Think about the overall feel in of the room. How big is the room? What are the measurements of the rug? The size of cowhide rugs will depend on the breed of the cow or if it’s faux then you might have more liberty with the size.

Size, breed, and materials of the hide will be the basis for creating your designer apartment. Now decide what the purpose of the cowhide will be. Are you using it to create light? Do you want to enhance other patterns or accessories in the room?

It’s possible to create texture between the hardwood floors and cow hide. The cowhide could also add a warm cozy feel when paired with a carpet. Just picture yourself looking at the cowhide reflected by the fireplace in your designer apartment.

Once you’ve decided on the room you want to accentuate, then you can pick a theme and design.

Pattern Mixing

Mixing patterns is tricky, so you might think a cow hide rug is not a good idea. You want to keep things neutral because you’re afraid to get playful with your patterns.

If you want to mix patterns follow a simple rule, pick a large pattern as your main. This could be your cowhide rug and keep the walls a similar or neutral color. The accessories could be the pattern mix.

Since the hide’s lines are organic, try going for accessories with harsh sharp lines such as decorative pillows or wall art.

Enhance Hardwood Floors

A cowhide table could enhance your hardwood floors in many ways. Dark hardwood floors and a light neutral rug could pull the room in creating a contrasting centerpiece in a living room.

The contrast of textures between the sleek hardwood floor and the soft cow hide will allow you to form a more luxurious finishing.

French Designer Apartment

You’ve always been a fan of the French decor. The chandeliers, the gold trimmings, fancy chairs, and fresh flowers.

A cowhide rug is just what you need if you want to give the traditional French decor a spin. The cow hide rug will add a bit of toughness to spice up the room.

Girly and Bold

This is your chance to be as bold and girly as you want. Think darker pink walls, black and white furniture and red accessories such as pillows and flowers.

The cow hide will be your centerpiece to pull the room together. You can either do a black hide or zebra print.

Leather and Masculine Room

This room is sleek and masculine perfect for his study. The walls can be painted darker and the furniture leather. A zebra print cowhide will work better in this room or even all black.

Enhance the Wallpaper

Wallpapers can be enhanced with a cowhide rug. You just need to stick with the main color story and add the cow-hide that will create a texture and pattern contrast with the wallpaper.

The Eclectic Room

An eclectic room is a type of interior design that combines various periods and styles. The secret to an eclectic designer apartment is a balance.

The focal point of your room could be a traditional cowhide rug by the fireplace and firewood. Add modern touches to the old-cabin feel such as modern photography above the fireplace and pale blue painted walls with white trimming.

Modern Nursery

Your nursery doesn’t have to have a cabin-farm theme to have a cowhide rug. If you’re going for a gender neutral room a cowhide could be the perfect accent.

Keep the walls white or a neutral color. Add modern furniture to the nursery, such as a white couch and crib.

If you go for the brown cowhide rug, then you want to have tan and brown accents in the nursery. Then you will create a modern contrast with warm tones.

Cowhide and Glass Center Table

Nothing will look chicer in your designer apartment than a cowhide and glass coffee table combination. You can choose to have a glass table with gold trims and a tan and white cowhide. If you go for a silver trim, we suggest a black hide or zebra print.

Feminine Bedroom

This bedroom has soft fabrics perhaps with ruffle trimmings and a few floral accents. The fabric in the curtains is soft and see-through just enough to let the light in. In the feminine bedroom, you can add a white cow hide rug at the edge of the bed.

Cabin Feel

Who doesn’t love a cabin feel? This seems like an obvious option for a cowhide rug, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little modern.

Picture white walls and wooden trimmings just enough to give it a cabin feel. Then add a white and tan cow hide rug and cabin decor on the walls.

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Now that you’ve had a chance to learn about how cow hides can bring a new edge into your designer apartment. Are you ready to shop around? If the answer is yes, we can help.

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