The Art of Rustic Luxury

rustic luxury

Rustic luxury is all about incorporating nature’s finest designs into your home. With over 125 million houses in the United States, it’s the perfect way to help your home stand out from the rest.

Here are 10 tips to help you master the rustic look in your home.

1. Pick a Destination

The first step to designing your dream rustic home is to pick a mock destination. There are many different genres of rustic luxury, from Texas ranch houses to the majestic Montana mountains.

What makes a location good inspiration for your design?

It combines stunning surroundings and nature into a work of art. Find one the landscape that inspires you the most, and design your new look around it.

2. Incorporate Wood

Another great aspect of a rustic design is beautiful wooden floors, ceilings, and decorations. The wood doesn’t have to be incredibly fancy or expensive. Instead, look for something that appears more realistic and natural.

Don’t be afraid of knots or rough edges. All of these features will give your home a more genuine and authentic look which is perfect when you are trying to achieve a rustic aesthetic.

In order to add a little luxury, you can incorporate other elements into your wood decorations such as gold decals or cream-colored macrame.

3. Use Warm Colors

Third, be sure to use warm colors. Unlike grey and navy, warm colors help the home to feel more lived in and happy.

It’s not just us that are saying that either. It’s science. Humans tend to have different emotions around different colors.

For example, while blues and other cool colors can help a home feel more polished they also add an element of professionalism and formality.

This is not as conducive to a rustic style. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Teal and light blue can work great as accent colors in your rustic room. However, avoid planning an entire color scheme around only cool colors.

4. Find Antiques

Next on the list are antique decorations. Antiques are a great addition because they tell a story. The story of a perfect new chandelier is that you bought it at a store, which isn’t very inviting or exciting.

On the other hand, an antique lighting fixture inspires the mind. Sometimes the stories are known and sometimes they aren’t. Either way, it helps draw creativity and naturalism into the room.

A rustic design is one that tells simple stories out of nature, countryside, and even inanimate objects. Simple antiques do a great job at this.

5. Add Nature-Inspired Decorations

Fifth, look into nature-inspired decorations. These can include anything from pebble placemats to deer head hangings and more.

Especially look for decorations that pair well with wood and your coloring. This will help your rooms to feel well-balanced and luxurious.

6. Incorporate Barnyard Designs

The barnyard is the epitome of rustic design. It represents everything that is great about this style, simple, useful, natural, and beautiful.

It’s no question then that you should incorporate some of these styles into your next project. A great way to incorporate barnyard designs is to mimic the style of lighting.

You can also take inspiration from the colors and woodwork. Lastly, pay attention to the feeling that a farm inspires, and do whatever you can to include those feelings and emotions into your room.

7. Use the Right Materials

Another way to add rustic appeal to a room is to use already proven materials in your design. Some fabrics that tend to work well are leather, fur, wool, linen, and cotton.

Some of the most rustic furniture we’ve ever seen have been made out of cowhides and fur. These easily add feelings of the countryside into your room.

We’ll also give you bonus points if you can incorporate a warm plaid pattern into one of your fabric choices.

8. Perfect the Imperfection

The most crucial aspect to remember is that imperfection in your design will help make it more perfect. Rustic is defined to be simple and naturalistic. Perfection is neither of those things.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Instead, rejoice in any pieces that don’t have the perfect spots or the most wood. These will help your design to feel more authentic, which is much more important when it comes to the rustic luxury look.

9. Add a Fireplace

Another wonderful element to add to your design is a fireplace. Not only are these pieces incredibly useful during the cold winter months, but they also make great centerpieces.

Humans are naturally drawn to fireplaces. They give off warmth and energy. They are also symbolic of simpler times. Both of these attributes play into rustic luxury extremely well.

Another benefit of fireplaces is that they coordinate extremely well with other design elements. For example, the colors of the fire play nicely with the warm coloring in the room.

Here are some other winter trends that will help make your home more rustic and this year.

10. Find the Perfect Cowhide Rug

Lastly, a rustic and luxury room will always have a cowhide rug. These rugs do so much to transform a room from simple to simple elegance. They come in many different colors and shapes, which means you can choose the one that best matches your room and look.

Another benefit to cowhide rugs is that they are always unique. No hide looks exactly the same as another hide. This adds an extra element of luxury into your home because it’s impossible to duplicate.

Here are some extra helpful tips for creating a rustic look with your cowhide.

Transform Your Home Into Rustic Luxury

Rustic luxury is a wonderful style but sometimes it can feel a little difficult to accomplish. These tips will help you to create your dream designs with a little of your own creativity mixed in.

Still not sure where to get started? Check out our latest blog posts for inspiration. Or if you’re still struggling, just contact us!

We’ve worked in interior design for dozens of years. We can’t wait to help you design your dream home as well.