Create a Rustic Look with Cow Hide Rugs

cow hide rugs

You don’t have to live nestled among mountains or along the sprawling countryside to have a rustic home.

An authentic, rustic look can be achieved in any house, anywhere.

All you need are the right furnishings to bring that warm, rugged, and charming appeal to your home. Pieces like quilted pillows, weathered frames, and especially, cowhide rugs will do the trick. All it takes is some creativity.

These accessories can enhance the appeal of your home and add a touch of style. They will also wow your guests and reflect your personality.

Let’s see why cowhide rugs are so great for a quintessential rustic look:


Quite possibly the best thing about these rugs is their versatility. They can serve as striking focal points, or blend seamlessly into the colors and arrangement of a space.

For rustic living, animal hides are a great way to warm up a room. Their texture makes rugged or expansive spaces seem cozy and inviting.

Cow hide rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, making it easier to meet the needs of your favorite room.

Choosing a Color

When choosing a rug, you can directly match your color scheme.

Or, deliberately contrast colors to make the rug the focus of the room.

For instance, in a room that has lighter or consistent tones throughout, a black and white cow hide will pop, adding a rustic statement.

With wooden floors and neutral tones, add a rug that’s brown and white for a look that flows.

Believe it or not, you can also add cowhide rugs to rooms that already have prominent accent pieces. You can even use them in a room that already features animal prints.

It takes a little strategy, but placing several strong pieces together in one room can work. You don’t have to have just one focal point.

If done right, cow hide can blend well into a room that already has a variety of textures and patterns.

Different Shapes and Sizes

You also have many options when it comes to the shape of your rug.

Organic hide shapes are distinguishing and unique.

Or, if you want a more basic rug with clean lines, you can customize it for a square or rectangle shape.


Once you have your beautiful hide rug, you might stand in the middle of your house and say, “now where should I put this?”

There are many different spaces in a home where such an accent can go. It all depends on what you want from that particular rug.

Fireplaces and Hearths

If you have a fireplace in your rustic home, you have to put a cow hide rug in front of it. How could you not?

Nothing is cozier than a hearth with a rug.

Also, cow hide is surprisingly soft and lovely to lounge upon.

Snuggle up with a book, lay on your rug, and let the fire roar.


You can place it under the bed, so the ends of the rug peak out. It also goes well on the side of the bed, so your feet land on something soft in the morning.

Or place it in front of dressers, benches or chairs.

Cowhide rugs are especially great in bedrooms if the floor is wooden or cement. They will soften the room and make it more intimate.

Under Tables

These accessories look dynamite when placed under a variety of tables.

Place cow hide in living areas and under chairs. It looks especially lovely under a glass coffee table because you can see the print of the rug through the top of the table.

They’re the perfect accent with a quilted leather couch, or in a reading nook near a chair.

Try playing with the angles of the rugs as you place them around your house. Lay them slightly off-center for an interesting aesthetic or to change the flow of the room.

In a Nursery

Your baby nursery will look extra special with a cow hide rug.

It may seem like an unusual thing to put in a nursery, but they can really add style and softness to the room.

Choose a light colored pattern or even all white.

Natural cow hide is also easy on a baby’s skin when he or she starts crawling.


In a rustic home, layering rugs is an attractive and effective touch. It adds depth to a space and allows you to play with color and texture in unexpected ways.

Cow hide looks excellent on top of a sisal rug, or any rug with a flat weave.

Additionally, layering rugs is a great way to pull focus to one particular accent of your room.

For instance, if you want to prominently display a distressed buffet, place it on top of layered rugs. The eye will quickly move it, allowing your guest to see the furniture and unique rug arrangement.


One of the best things about rustic decorating is the uniqueness of each piece in your home.

You may have antiques, reclaimed wood pieces, antlers, and more. All of these pieces are original and special.

As are cow hide rugs.

Each rug has the color and pattern of the original cow. You would be hard-pressed to find one that looks just like yours.

Decorating with cow hide adds to the original, timeless, and charming appeal of your home.

Loving Your Cow Hide Rugs

The versatility of these rugs makes them an easy and enjoyable addition to your home. They’ll transform any room in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Have fun with choosing colors, shape, and sizes.

Once you get more comfortable with cow hide, choose a pattern or color that’s slightly out of the box.

Of course, there are many more places to lay your rug than the ones listed here. Experiment with the various expanses, nooks, and crannies of your own house.

Take a look at our wide selection of beautiful cow hide rugs and contact us with any questions.

Here’s to laid back and stylish rustic living!