Design Ideas to Change the Way You Think About Cowhide Decor

cowhide decor

Adding rustic and natural elements to a home can provide a cozy, warm, and laid-back feel.

Just think about it–when you see a magazine featuring a holiday home photo it’s typically full of rustic character.

While the holidays and coziness go hand-in-hand, cowhide is trending for many reasons, not just because it’s the holidays.

You probably think that cowhide is only for western, country-themed homes. Or maybe you’ve seen it within bohemian styles where natural elements are key.

The fact is, natural is in. And you can’t get more natural than hides.

Today’s cowhide is not the traditional backwoods accent you’re thinking of. Its comeback features a variety of colors, textures, and patterns that have made it one of the most popular home features in today’s interior design.

Check out all the ways you can incorporate cowhide decor into your home.

Cowhide Rugs

Variety and Versatility

They’re not just for rustic or bohemian styled homes. You can find cowhide rugs in modern and traditional homes, too.

Why? Because cowhide rugs are extremely versatile. You can find them in virtually any color, pattern, and size.

If you’re the modern type, a gray cowhide rug is a perfect way to add trendiness and warmth to a room while keeping it contemporary. Add some gray cowhide decor to match and tie the room together.

Cowhide rugs don’t have to be subjected to the floor. Their natural artistic character makes them great for wall or ceiling decor. Hang one above your headboard or on the ceiling around a chandelier.

Durable and Allergy-Free

Cowhide rugs are also one of the most durable floor coverings on the market. The material doesn’t stain easily and doesn’t trap dirt, making it perfect for children, pets, and areas that get large amounts of foot traffic.

Cowhide also doesn’t hold dust or moisture that attracts allergens, unlike carpeted rugs. This makes cowhide decor a great option for people with allergies.

Adds Shape and Pattern

Cowhide rugs are a way to say goodbye to old-school symmetry and straight edges.

The design of cowhide rugs will add a burst of shape to a room. They’re perfect for softening a room that has mostly straight edges.

Choosing patterned cowhide decor will also introduce style and liveliness to a neutral room. It will quickly become the center of attention.

You can even find cowhide rugs with patterns inspired by other animals, such as zebras or leopards, or simple designs like this black and white checkered rug.


The great thing about seating is the ability to turn simple furniture into home decor with upholstery.

The vast options within upholstery allow you to either make furniture your own or easily find pieces that will match your overall home design.

And guess what? Among those options is cowhide decorated seating.

Barstools, ottomans, and chairs with cowhide upholstery make great attributes to a rustic or bohemian themed home. Who wouldn’t want to put their feet up on a soft cowhide ottoman?

The natural colors of cowhide work well with most other color schemes. If you want a chair that pops, paint the frame of the chair a bold color and keep the seat cushion cow-neutral.

You can even take the country to its origin–outdoors–with a cowhide upholstered bench. Your friends and family will be eager to sit cozily on the porch with this piece.


Maybe you’re not ready to go all out with cowhide furniture. Throw pillow and blankets made of cowhide are a great way to subtly add rustic elements to your home.

Like seating, throws have a way of double-acting as “bedding” and “decor”.

It’s crazy what adding some throw pillows to a couch can do for a room. Adding cowhide decor to your furniture will certainly add a layer of coziness (literally).

Cowhide throw pillows and blankets look especially lovely on neutral-colored furniture.

Whether you use them for a bedroom or living room, the soft cozy accents will have you and your guests begging to kick back and relax.

Table Accessories

Another simple way to add cowhide decor to your home without turning the place into Paul Bunyan’s cabin is with cowhide table accessories.

Table runners, coasters, and placemats turn a table from furniture to an artistic display.

You can find table accessories in a variety of cowhide colors and patterns to fit your style.

Wall Decor

Cowhide isn’t just for the floor and furniture. You can find many wall accents made of cowhide, too.

Picture frames made of cowhide are great for family photos, especially if you have old black and white or sepia photos to add to the western look.

Oversized letters made of cowhide are cute wall features, too. Pair them with antlers and other rustic pieces.

Upgrade your entryway with a trendy cowhide coat rack. If you have cowhide elements on the porch or throughout the home, this will tie the theme together.

Other Ideas

Who said lampshades have to be boring?

Patterned and bold lampshades are coming back in style. You could lead the trend with cowhide lampshades. Talk about a cozy room.

Another idea to use cowhide decor in your home is through window curtains.

You can go all out and get curtains made completely of cowhide and its natural pattern.

If that’s too much, you can add small cowhide elements such as a cowhide sash to pull the curtains back or a cowhide valance.

Get Your Cowhide Decor Today

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