The Secret to Chic Farmhouse Style

farmhouse chic

If you live in or near the country you have endless opportunities at your fingertips for decorating ideas. You can choose to stay sleek and modern or go with a more rustic design.

But where do you start?

Farmhouse chic is a popular option for many farm dwellers and even some folks in the cities. It’s a clean look that also makes a statement about your living space.

Incorporating this type of design into your home, especially your kitchen, is fun and easy if you have the right tools, or you know where the craft fairs are.

There are lots of things you can do to utilize the features of this design in your home.

Need a little inspiration? That’s what we’re here for!

Here are a few tips to get you started on your new farmhouse chic decor.

Open Shelving

The first step in creating a farmhouse design is to start in the kitchen. The cabinets and shelves specifically.

Remove cabinet doors and replace them with light curtains or nothing at all. Use curtains on those shelves where you keep food or other hideaway items and leave the dishes exposed.

Open shelving is popular in many farmhouses as a natural way to create open space.

Lantern Lighting

What’s a better way to say farmhouse chic than with lantern style lighting? Especially in the kitchen. Look for copper or wrought iron for a real rustic look. You can also find galvanized steel.

You can hang them as pendant lights or stick them to the wall like sconces. Lantern lighting is popular in farmhouse decor for its antique value.

Open Farmhouse Sink

These types of sinks are also called ‘apron-front’ sinks and they’re much larger than a regular sink for the missing divider in the middle.

Original farmhouses used these type of basin sinks for canning, bottling and other kitchen duties. You can find them most commonly in white porcelain but copper and galvanized metal also add a splash of style to your farmhouse chic decor.


One of the first things people think of when they think of farmhouse designs is the dining room table. Some people even keep them right in their eat-in kitchens.

A farmhouse table with fat legs and mismatched chairs is the ultimate way to express a farmhouse chic design in your home. Make cushions with ties for the chairs in different patterns that imitate the colors in your curtains and other colors.

Butcher Block Countertops

Not only is this design cost-effective over other options like granite, marble, and stones, it sets a tone for farmhouse chic decor.

Thinking along the lines of a farmer back in the day, recognize that wood was the only viable option for creating this magnificent space in your a kitchen. Pay homage to those that set the tone for this style and install butcher block countertops in your farmhouse design.

Mix and Match Fabrics

Just as you did with the kitchen chair cushions, you can mix and match fabrics throughout the house to set off the effect of a farmhouse lifestyle.

Think of farmhouse chic as whimsical and abstract where you can design with classic and more vivid colors to make your spaces pop.

Show off your personality with colors that you love and make sure to use yellow somewhere. Earth tones fit well with farmhouse designs but you can also go bright in small spaces.

DIY Everything!

Don’t be afraid to do it yourself when it comes to craft projects that can lighten up your home.

Photo albums are a great way to showcase your family and farmhouse lifestyles. You can make them yourself using leather casing. Or you can create nifty memorabilia using anything with wire, leather, linen, or wood.

Go ahead, you can do it!

Farmhouse chic is all about showcasing your crafty side.

Reclaimed Wood

No matter what farmhouse you’re in you’ll find reclaimed wood somewhere. Whether it’s lying around or being used for craft and home projects, reclaimed wood is an epic staple of farmhouse designs.

You can find reclaimed wood like fencing and barn wood after demolitions and sometimes at your local wood mill where people have taken old wood to be destroyed.

Sliding Barn Doors

If you have an opening where you can have sliding barn doors installed, it’s a no-brainer. You should do this.

Sliding barn doors add a touch of industrial style country to your designs. They’re also useful for blocking wide openings from room to room.

You can find the barn doors on your own by ransacking old barns that no longer need them to add depth. Or you can find standard size barn doors and hardware at your local home renovation store because of this popular trending design.

Natural Fabrics

The more natural your home feels, the more chic and sophisticated it will be. Natural fabrics add texture to your design.

Use animal hides, like cowhides, other leather, wool, linen, and burlap, to add country elements that are warm and cozy.

Wood Beams

If you already have exposed wood beams in your home, you’re halfway to a farmhouse design. If you don’t have exposed beams, you might be able to have a contractor expose them or build them into your existing floor plan.

Farmhouse Chic in Your House

It’s so fun and easy to live in a farmhouse atmosphere. There are so many ways to incorporate farmhouse design features into your home. All you need is a little creativity and cowhide rugs or two.

When you’re setting up your design features, make sure to leave room for little accessories like flower pots or vases that feature your favorite clippings. Denim blue is often associated with farmhouse chic designs so feel free to go crazy with it. You should also think of other small items like picture frames and trinkets that display your farm, blue, chic style.

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