Top Five Characteristics of Premium Sheepskin Rugs

sheep skins

If you are looking for to buy sheepskin rugs, then there are a few things to look for.

High-grade sheepskin has an extremely high wool density, largely due to the breed of sheep it comes from. Also important is the wool’s loft, or its ability to stay upright and straight. A lower quality sheepskin rug may flatten quickly, or its fibers may become curly, tangled, or matted, whereas high-quality rugs boast wool fibers that retain their loft beautifully.

A second factor of high-quality sheepskin is its soft, silky feel. Plush to the touch, premium sheepskin adds luxurious comfort wherever it’s displayed, whether it’s comfy on the feet, or soft and warm as a blanket. When comparing higher and lower end sheepskins, you will be able to tell the difference.

Third, high-quality sheepskin should have a nice, natural ivory tone, with no stains or discolorations in the wool. Premium sheepskins in other colors should display the same clean look, with no visible imperfections.

Fourthly, no defects or smells. Low-grade sheepskins may have some minor holes, cracks, scratches, or other defects on their undersides, which you won’t find in higher grade skins. High-quality sheepskin rugs should be free of any chemical smells, which may be apparent in lower quality rugs, due to their tanning processes.

And lastly, the quality of the leather, or underside, of sheepskin rugs is equally as important. It should be strong yet soft, and free from any odors, cracks, holes, or other defects. The leather on premium-grade sheepskins is firm and reasonably thick, and soft to the touch.

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