Should I place a rug pad under my cowhide rug?

That’s a great question! We have been asked this question many times. We just wanted to publish this post so that hopefully it answers your question quicker than a phone call. To answer the question simply, no. You do NOT need a rug mat underneath our cowhide rugs!

Our cowhide rugs are high quality and have an incredibly soft and suede-like material on the back that sticks very well to hard surfaces. It is a very supple and flexible material that provides a strong enough grip on surfaces so that it will not move without a significant amount of force on it.

Will a rug pad extend the life of my cowhide rug? No, the quality is what makes our exquisite cowhide rugs so durable with very little extra work or products needed to maintain the quality of when you first purchased it.

We hope this helps answer any questions you have about this subject. Feel free to call us for any other cowhide rug questions.